Failed Launch

Chris here,

For the past year I have dedicated my life to NFTs. I fell in love with everything about the NFT community which inspired me to start my own project, Invader Academy. I had high hopes for this project but I failed to build the right team for the project. Our team consisted of myself, a dev I found on Twitter and my IRL buddy that 'wanted to get in the game'. Our contract was buggy, website failed, artwork came out incorrect, and I didn't know what to do. I will take the blame because I was the creator, I should have verified everything before launch, but I didn't. Our dev left which put me in a tough spot. But we kept on pushing. After seeing the 'failed artwork' for weeks it was wearing on me. I didn't know what to do but I started learning in hopes that I could fix this somehow. I decided that an ETH refund would be most suitable. So we offered refunds for minters. BUT in hopes to save a community that had invested in our project, I decided that we would switch to Solana. I love the Solana ecosystem and wanted to bring our holders the most value I could. So we were set to launch on Solana.... I did my best to promote our mint (paid influencers, listed everywhere I could, hired team, giveaways, etc.) but the demand just wasn't there. We were denied listings from marketplaces because of this. Meanwhile, my father, best friend, role model, passed away (unexpected). This hurt, sent me to the mental health facility. Still hurting everyday. While in the hospital I realized that I overpromised and just couldn't deliver on that promise. My Solana team quit on me because I was MIA for a week. I was trying to bring the holders the most value I could but I failed. Looking back, I see why I did it. I had high hopes and just wanted to create something people loved. I failed. But I'm not a failure. My pops was proud of me and I'm always gonna work to make him proud. I would like to offer a refund to all minters. Please DM us on Twitter @InvaderAcademy and we'll get this taken care of. Truly sorry and truly wish you all the best. -Chris

Please DM on twitter for any refunds that haven't been processed.