From a Tesla giveaway, to UFO airdrops, InvaderGames, Invasion 2022, and much more!

01. Enrollment

Enrollment Live - October 22th @  5PM EST // 2PM PST // 9PM UTC

02. Marketplace Launch

We've requested listings on, MagicEden, Solanart, DigitalEyes, and SolSea.

03. Rarity Launch

Rarity will be available on Oct. 22th at 10PM EST (announced on Twitter).

04. "Invasion"

Community funds will be used to sweep the floor and burn supply.

05. Telsa Giveaway

Tesla Model 3 given to one lucky minter! (Or 69 SOL)

06. Donation

We will donate 69 SOL to a community chosen charity.

07. Community Giveback

We're giving back big time!

08. Merch & Online Events

Exclusive, high quality merch for our holders. Online events (talent show, contests, etc).

09. UFO Airdrop

UFOs are coming..